Diverse : Ready-To-Hear

Nr. Titel
1 To Rococo Rot: lift
2 Add 'n' To X: orgy of bubastus
3 Matthew Williamson: future days
4 Barry Adamson: it's business as usual
5 cavalleria rusticana
6 Tipsy: faud ramses
7 The Wiseguys:oh, la, la
8 Bernie Lynch: green
9 Curve: chinese burn
10 The Aphex Twin: come to daddy
11 Ultramarine: what machines want
12 Aria: un bel di'mi
13 Unkle: unreal
14 Faithless: postcards
15 Skinny: failure
16 Dimitri From Paris: un world mysterious
17 Buffalo Gals: stampede

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