Lords Of The Boards present : Freestyle Beats

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Guano Apes: lords of the board
2 Chumbawamba: tubthumping
3 Faith No More: the last cup of sorrow
4 Republica: ready to go
5 Apollo Four Forty: raw power
6 Underworld: born slippy
7 Primal Scream: loaded
8 Supergrass: sun hits the sky
9 Weezer: my name is jonas
10 Sonic Youth: teenage riot
11 Ash: girl from mars
12 Thumb: sell myself
13 Blur: song 2
14 Boss Hog: what the fuck
15 Ministry: jesus build my hotrod
16 Eskimos & Egypt: i know
17 Radiohead: karma police
18 Bell Book & Candle: rescue me


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown: sunshine
2 Sweetbox: everything's gonna be alright
3 The Notorious BIG: big poppa
4 Wu-Tang Clan: triumph
5 Die Fantastischen Vier: populär
6 Busta Rhymes: woo-hah!got you all in check
7 Jungle Brothers: brain
8 Method Man: release yo' delf
9 Outkast: aliens
10 Lost Boyz: music makes me high
11 House Of Pain: jump around
12 KRS-One: rappaz r.n. dainja
13 David Bowie: dead man walking
14 Roni Size: share the fall
15 Dan: i'm dan
16 Jimi Tenor: take me baby
17 Westbam: hard times
18 Da Hool: bora bora

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