Diverse : Future Trance Vol.1

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Red 5: I Love You...Stop!
2 DJ Quicksilver: Bellissima
3 Sash!: Encore Une Fois
4 BBE: Flash
5 Fair-Lite: Moments In Love
6 Future Breeze: Keep The Fire Burnin'
7 Sequential One: My Love Is Hot
8 Kosmonova: Raumpatrouille
9 Three'n One: Reflect
10 DJ The Crow: I've Got No Time
11 Max Deejay: Rhythm Is A Dancer
12 DJ Vertigo: Oxygene
13 DONS: Drop The Gun
14 Mandigo: A Rhythm Divine
15 Wicked Kids: Being Boiled
16 RMB: Spring
17 Acidphase III: Innocence
18 Disco Nation: Kick Da Disco Nation


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Marc Farris: Don't Leave Me This Way
2 Brooklyn Bounce: The Theme (Of Progressive Attack)
3 Daniel Van Cock: Don't You Wanna Dance?
4 Energy 52: Cafe Del Mar
5 Atlantic Ocean: Waterfalls
6 Futuresmile: Memories
7 Nick Beat: Bow Chi Bow
8 A-Trax: Sweet Lullaby
9 Maracash: This Time
10 DJ Sammy feat. Carisma: Prince Of Love
11 Manolo: Hells Bells
12 200 C: Hellfire
13 Faithless: Insomnia
14 DJ Pierro: Another World
15 Future Breeze: Why Don't You Dance With Me?
16 Zymotix: Feel My Love
17 Richard Cube: Trance Nature
18 Hypnotic Beat: I Believe In Fantasy

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