Diverse : Club Sounds Vol.1

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Future Breeze: why don't you dance with me
2 Tongue Forest: and you got the f... nerve to call me colored
3 Faithless: salva mea
4 DJ Quicksilver: i have a dream
5 Red 5: da beat goes
6 Underworld: born slippy
7 Three'n One: reflect
8 Ken Doh: nagasaki EP (i need a lover tonight)
9 Todd Terry: keep on jumpin'
10 Armand Van Helden: the funk phenomena
11 Hysteric Ego: want love
12 Stretch & Vern: i'm alive
13 David Morales: in de ghetto
14 Boris Dlugosh: keep on pushin'
15 Livin' Joy: don't stop movin'
16 El Mariachi: cuba
17 Latin Thing: latin thing
18 Junior Vasquez: if madonna calls
19 The Soundlovers: run-a-way
20 Robert Miles: one and one


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Nightcrawlers: push the feelin on '95
2 Felix: don't you want me
3 The Original: i luv you baby '95
4 The O.T. Quartet: hold that sucker down
5 Mark Morrison: return of the mack
6 Clivills & Cole: a deeper love
7 Alison Limerick: where love lives
8 Kym Sims: too blind to see it
9 The Bucketheads: the bomb (these sounds fall into my mind)
10 Adeva: respect!
11 The Reese Project: colour of love
12 Mr. Happy: come back to love
13 Kristine W.: feel what you want
14 Marisa Turner: deeper in the night
15 M-People: moving on up
16 Baby D: let me be your fantasy
17 Mr. Jack: only house muzik
18 The Montini Experience II: astrosyn - your house is mine
19 Wink: higher state of consciousness
20 Celvin Rotane: i believe

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