Mayday : 10IN01

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Members of Mayday: 10 IN 01
2 Toktok vs Soffy O.: Missy Queen is Gonna Die
3 DJ ICON and Toxic Twin vs Harold Faltermeyer: Axel F.
4 Moguai pres. Punx: The Rock
5 Mr. X & Mr. Y: Global Players (My Name Is Techno)
6 Timo Maas: Riding on a Storm
7 Jam & Spoon: My First Fantastic F.F.
8 DJ Mo vs Marc De Clarq: Shake the Bells (Groovy)
9 Telematiker: We Don't Need No Sleep
10 Lexy & K-Paul: You're The One
11 Paul und Paula: You, You and Me (Techno Club Mix)
12 Blank & Jones: Electric Circus
13 Paul van Dyk: Out There and Back


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Beroshima: Electronic Discussion (Rok Remix)
2 Jeff Mills: Changes Of Life
3 Mauro Picotto: Baguette
4 Terence Fixmer: Body Pressure
5 Westbam: Activist Black Pump
6 Jeans Team: Keine Melodien (MJ Lan Mix Radio Edit)
7 Ural 13 Diktators: Still Alive (Hardy Hard Remix)
8 Denki Groove: Flashback Disco (Kagami Remix)
9 Random Noise Generation: Falling In Dub
10 Hardy Hard: Say Nothing
11 Klangkontakt: Der Vollton (Original)
12 DJ Hell: My Definition of House Music
13 Ellen Allien: Data Romance
14 Sven Väth: Ein Waggon voller Geschichten (Terence Fixmer RMX

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