Mayday : Datapop Mayday Compilation

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Members Of Mayday: Datapop (short mix)
2 Mr. X & Mr. Y: 1956
3 DJ Dero: Mayday 2000 (Latin Percussion mix)
4 DJ I.C.O.N.: Erbgut (short)
5 Sven Väth: Dein Schweiss (master mix)
6 Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile (Westbam Remix)
7 Kill Bros.: Rock You
8 Westbam: Do The Rambo
9 Hardy Hard: So Everybody Shake Your Body
10 David Caretta: Ca Plane Pour Moi
11 Lexy: ElectricLexyLand
12 Jay Denham: Pride (It's Time)
13 3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte: Der Klang der Familie (TSchumacher)
14 Rok: Cycle Sluts


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Paul van Dyk: Another Way (radio mix)
2 Tom Novy feat. Lima: Now Or Never (remix)
3 Timo Maas: Der Schieber 1
4 Lady Tom: Loops and Tings 2000 (short)
5 Blank and Jones: Sound Of Machines (short cut)
6 Mauro Picotto: Iguana (video cut)
7 Dave Diggler: China Town (original)
8 Lexy & K-Paul: Electric Kingdom (trash-mix)
9 Nathalie De Borah as $upergirl: Dead & Famous ($$$-mix)
10 Beroshima: Film Ab
11 Tomcraft & Eniac: Great Stuff (Tomcraft Live Mix)
12 L.U.P.O.: Froglike Instrumental
13 Sharam:
14 Takkyu Ishino: Anna - Letmein Letmeout (Christopher Just's)

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