Diverse : Club Sounds Vol.8

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Faithless: god is a dj
2 Ayla: liebe
3 DJ Tomcraft: the mission
4 DJ Quicksilver: escape to paradise
5 Paul Van Dyk: for an angel
6 DJ Sakin & Friends: protect your mind (braveheart)
7 Piet Blank & Jasper Jones: flying to the moon
8 Vengaboys: we like to party
9 Sash!: move mania
10 Niels Van Gogh: pulverturm
11 Afrika Bambataa & Westbam: agartha (the city of shamballa)
12 Push: universal nation
13 York: jastamba
14 Miss Shiva: my secrets
15 Billy Hendrix: body shine
16 Merlyn & Chuck Mellow: fünf
17 Absolom: where?
18 Silent Breed: sync in
19 Ghettoblasta: 6 million dollar
20 H2o feat. Billie: you can run


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Spike: respect
2 Diva Surprise: on top of the world
3 David Morales: needin u
4 DJ Tonka: she knows you
5 Stetsasonic: talkin all that jazz '98
6 Spacedust: gym and tonic
7 Roger S.: i want your love
8 Jennifer Paige: crush
9 Joi Cardwell: soul to bare
10 Hollis P. Monroe: i'm lonely
11 Deep Dish with ebtg: the future of the future (stay gold)
12 Novy vs. Eniac: someday somehow
13 Michael Procter: deliver me
14 Foundation feat. Deskee: get up
15 Phreakmachine: ain't nobody stoppin us now
16 Universe Fancy Dancers: join the way we are
17 Hart & Held: rockin' myself
18 Satoshi Tomille: come to me
19 Moby: honey
20 Fatboy Slim: gangster trippin

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