Diverse : School's Out

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Scooter: Friends
2 Dune: Hardcore Vibes (South Bound Mix)
3 Interactive: Living Without Your Love
4 Alien Factory: Get The Future Started
5 Mega'Lo Mania: Emotions (CLub Mix)
6 Madame X: Dreaming Of A Better World (Remix)
7 J'N'M Trax: Human Inspirations
8 Para Doxa: We Are Ravin'
9 DJ Thoka: You Make Me Feel So Good (Extended 12" Mix)
10 DJ Jo: Space Harmony (Gary D. Remix)
11 Sequential One: Pump Up The Bass (Original Bass Version)
12 Mark'Oh: Love Song
13 Gian Piero: La Luna
14 Ultra-Sonic: Check Your Head/Love Me Right
15 Slider: Welcome To the Rave (Extended Version)


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Digital Age: Nintendophobia
2 Marusha: We Are The Bass
3 The Prodigy: Voodoo People (Edit)
4 Interlect 3000: Gravitation
5 Miss Djax: Room 228
6 Bassxpansion: Concentrate
7 NUKE: Generations (Halloween Remix)
8 DJ Misjah & DJ Tim: Access
9 F.E.O.S vs. M/S/O: Our Music
10 DJ Hooligan: The Mystic Culture
11 Ursa Major: Tribes Of Love (Sequenz Mix)
12 Exlex: Hold Back The Feeling
13 Illuminatus: Mystique (DJ Tom & Norman Remix)
14 Quindor: On E
15 Legend B: Lost In Love (Spinclub Mix)
16 Teplings: X-Konvulsion
17 Simon & Shalin: Do The Right Thing

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