Mayday : The Sonic Empire Compilation

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Members Of Mayday: sonic empire
2 Exis Of Earth: the steps of a righteous man
3 DJ Hell: diese momente werden nicht verloren sein - wie t...
4 Raver's Nature: take it higher
5 Westbam: hanging out with the machine heads
6 Petra: belgian happiness
7 RMB: everything (the rise version)
8 Afrika Islam: wake up
9 The Jeyenne: gumpie
10 Miss Djax: x-tank
11 Takkyo Ishino: butter beans
12 Marshall Jefferson: rise


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Punk Anderson: discodancer
2 Dani König: bobby ewing
3 DJ Assault: get down
4 View To The Future:die aussagekraft der elektronischen musik
5 Bassface Sascha: echo chamber
6 Ultrahigh: donkey island
7 Aux 88: the rise of the phoenix
8 The Moonmen: walter (the moonmen mix)
9 DJ Sebel: from da darkside
10 A.D.S.R.: simplexity
11 DJ Appollo: da bizzniz
12 Piet Blank: sunrise

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