Diverse : The Second Mind Of Goa

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Libra pres. Taylor: Anomaly-Calling Your Name(Granny's Epic)
2 Dark Lites: Divisible Beats
3 Jupiter Head: Cytropic
4 Spirit Level: Unidentified Object
5 Tristan: Close Zen Counters
6 Seraphin: Sonic Aviator
7 Moonweed & Squid: Martians On Motorcycles
8 The Secret: Gorgeous (Nuthaus)


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Roy Aquarius: Beneath An Indian Sky
2 Tyoussi: Shofou (Dave Randell's Red Zap 1 Mix)
3 Semsis: Pile
4 Cerebral Children: Ascension
5 Sungod: Ancient Forest (Yantra Mix)
6 Mantra: Omega Sunset
7 Radar: Organ Eyes (B Side Stab)
8 Cadenza: Trading Faces (Triptic Mix)

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