Diverse : Trance Nation 8

CD 1

Nr. Titel
1 Nylon Moon: Sky Plus (Over The Sky)
2 World Inside The Music feat. DJ Panda: It's A Dream
3 Synergy: Interfuse
4 Mass In Orbit: Connect
5 Genetic Line: Energize My Mind
6 Cyclone Tracy: Piano In Trance
7 Marco Zaffarano: Pandora's Box
8 Carl Cox: Two Paintings And A Drum
9 Wax Trax II: Meditation, Spiritualism & Love
10 Scooter: Let Me Be Your Valentine
11 Spacelab Muzic: You Can Fly
12 DONS feat. Dive Bomb: Hiyakutake
13 Tyro: Pressure (Further east there's less)


CD 2

Nr. Titel
1 Marmion: Schöneberg
2 Aldus Haza: Hey-A-Wa
3 D.R. Base Vs. Karim: Barracuda
4 Mega'Lo Mania: Close Your Eyes
5 Rizeneto: Spring Rain
6 Cosmik Vision: Cosmik Vision
7 Man With No Name: Floor Essence
8 Virtual Atmosfear: Virtual Dreams
9 Pablo Gargano: The Secret Spice (3A)
10 Brainvibe: It's Hot
11 Silverplate: Get Up
12 SP 12: Empathy
13 Outline: Chinese Juice


CD 3

Nr. Titel
1 Mix-CD by Shahin & Simon

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