Khia : Thug Misses

Nr. Titel
1 My Neck, My Back
2 Hater (Skit)
3 Fuck Dem Other Hoes (Featuring DSD)
4 The K-Wang (Featuring DSD)
5 You My Girl (Featuring Markus Vance)
6 Jealous Girls
7 Taz (Skit)
8 Don't Trust No Niggaz (Featuring DSD)
9 Taz II (Skit)
10 Remember Me
11 Scooter (Skit)
12 Fuck Dem Fuck Niggaz (Featuring DSD)
13 I Know You Want It
14 We Were Meant To Be (Featuring Markus Vance)
15 For My King (Tribute To The Black Man)
16 When I Meet My King
17 My Neck, My Back (Clean Version)

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